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She retorts that no one can protect anyone before walking out on him. He discovers the remains of a pyre and spots the wooden stag that he gave to Shireen lying in the snow beside it. While examining the stag, he comes to the horrible realization that Melisandre burned Shireen to death at the stake. She insists that she will have to try as it’s her duty to the Lord of Light, but says that whether or not it works is out of her control. Ramsay then pulls out a bow and begins shooting arrows at Rickon as he frantically sprints across the field.


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They each give different ideas about God, but only one is true. God the Father verified this truth by raising Christ from the dead after His crucifixion. This proves that His words are true and that He is God. Have you lied, stolen, lusted, or taken His name in vain. The Bible warns that we are sinners and deserve the wrath of God.